Culture Crash

Cars and cars… everywhere I turn.. cars. This state (NJ) has always been full of them, but it gets worse with each passing year, and no one seems to want to admit it or do anything drastic. When my generation is about 50, the state of NJ and probably many of the surrounding areas, will just be lines of cars honking at each other wondering when traffic will start moving. This is unsustainable developement at its finest… which means that despite its wealth, this area of the United States is underdeveloped in terms of public transport and future outlook, since they seem to have practically none of either. It is reason #70 or so, that I don’t miss living here. All I wanted was some soy milk and cereal, and I had to sit in traffic.

Still I have to say it’s interesting to see how popular both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are. I hear alot of talk about food and diets, for all the citicism that the world has about American’s and their diet… there is definately a trend in this area, to do something about it. I just with Trader Joe would go to Europe, then I’d be set.

In my next posts I’ll get into the word on the street about politics and the presidential race. Thus far I can sum up by saying W. Bush still has a large fanbase or loyalists who don’t seem willing to ever give up on him. No matter how much more of a disaster his administration turns out to be. On the other side of things, I got my primary ballot in the mail… Lyndon Larouche and Dennis Kucinich are still on there. (note, he’s got a blog on his website) Go Dennis GO!

Today’s Music: Coheed and Cambria