Countdown to Visitation

Two posts in a row this weekend, in defiance of my every-other-day policy:

Early Saturday, I started my morning as I always do, listening to the BBC Worldservice. I heard the program “The Big Question” which was doing a special on Weblogs and the internet. It didn’t say anything new about blogging, but it provided an excellent overview of the blog world and culture. If you feel like giving it a listen, you can do so here. (it’s is so great that the BBC archives everything on the net.)

Jeff Jarvis and his Buzzmachine, one of the blog-gods I’ve never mentioned(mostly cause I find the designation of blog gods utterly boring; but man, every blogger knows him, and I’m a nobody), shared a good survey about bloggers. Reading it, I discovered I fit into few of the top categories because I’m too young, too poor, and I don’t spend enough on books, music, and causes.

Tony Pierce + Busblog gave some especially touching advice for children today. Not that he advises kid touching, no. But man, he offers some lessons to live by. I’d like to trackback to him, but it appears he has pulled that option, and I think Haloscan is down. Lazy bastards. (I mean, I love you!)

Today’s Music: Morrissey – You are the Quarry (yes again!)