Brown Commission

On beautiful, happy-go-lucky days like today, one could easily forget the horrors in this world. Biking down the street, I glance over at the fire-department, where it seems the fire-fighters are letting an entire primary school class have a go at using the hose. I get sprinkled, but kind of enjoy it, and I snap off a few photos of them.

This all comes to an abrupt end when I get home and turn on internet radio to listen to… brace yourselves.. the 9/11 commission.

Never has a more useless group of politicians been assembled in order to address such an important subject: the failures and reasons behind the failures on 9/11. But no real questions have ever or are ever going to be asked. And yet I listened, like so many, wishing for one of those commission members to have a sudden revelation – that he/she should start asking real questions. But alas, nothing. For hours they each take the mic and give some neverending speech kissing the ass of the witnesses like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg, G.W. Bush, etc. They even manage to throw in little promos for the war on terrorism. But never do they find the time to ask useful questions about why emergency agencies (fire and police) can’t seem to work together, why FDNY equipment was of such poor quality, and why intellegence warnings were ignored.

There was one highlight, all be it a dim one. The hearings are being held in NYC right now, and many audience members were directly involved/affected by the tragedy. During the proceedings some would stand up and shout their questions and frustrations at witnesses and the commission. By favorites were the guy who shouted: “Just give me 15 minutes to ask real questions!” or “Why isn’t there a single family member on that commission!?” or even better, the more blunt: “LIAR!”

In the end, this is merely a hoax. Nothing will be learned because the government whose failures and policies allowed 9/11 to happen will not allow for a real investigation of themselves. That much is clear if you read the depressing and soporific transcripts.

Today’s Music: Morrissey – You are the Quarry