Babies Home

I am indeed blogging from my family’s humble abode, somewhere near Newark, NJ. I arrived in the early afternoon after a long and typically uncomfortable flight. The whole time I was having visions of peasants rising up from couch and taking first class over. You know they have empty seats… and it’s in humane how we underlings must sit. Them and their privacy curtain… and toilets without queues…. rubbish!

I did manage to come up with a new invention for airlines: The Standing Lounge. This because lots of passengers, rightfully so, are concerned with circulation and long hours spent sitting. They stand in the isles.. which is a problem for safety and service. If there were a designated area without seats.. maybe with a bar, like on a train.. people could go stand there during appropriate times in the flight. Then during take-offs and landings, back to their seats. And this could be available for all classes, not just those nobles in business class.

Oh, one last airline point… the extra security measures are pointless! Asking me if I packed my own bags and if anyone asked me to carry something, useless and I’ve had it with those two questions! Also, I want my metal butter knife back. They give a metal fork, as if that’s not a weapon, give me the full set for the love of utensils!

It’s really hard to blog and read blogs with a modem connection. Or at least, I’m spoiled and it’s already driving me nuts. And I’m not obsessed… well.. maybe according to what Pandagon pointed out recently. But hey, I’m flying over oceans, going out, biking/jogging, holding newborns:

Clearly not blog obsessed… at least.. I think.

Today’s Music:Azure Ray – Hold on Love