When did it go Friday?

It’s probably best to stop talking about the visitation records that are being broken on this site. Two days ago yet another new record of 32 was set, mostly thanks to new visitors from Denmark! Welcome Denmark! I know I’ve got some great friends up there, maybe I’ve made some more.

I’ve put off writing about the Hubble Space Telescope for the last month, but it’s most certainly on my mind. I’ve heard it described as the single most important scientific instrument ever – and perhaps rightfully so. The hubble has allowed the people of earth to look far beyond this solar system, and discovered other galaxies, as well as answers regarding the orgins of our own galaxy. It has been doing so for fourteen years, and this past January an American NASA official decided not to conduct its scheduled maintenance, via a shuttle mission. This as a result of all the shuttle flight hysteria since the Discovery crash. Without the maintenance, the hubble won’t be fit to last more than a few more years…. effectively blinding us from the universe, and holding us back from making further discoveries. I find this to be insane. Therefore I support the movement to save the Hubble and carry out the maintenance.

I’ve found the time to really enjoy this spring weather here in Amsterdam. You can tell it’s spring not only by the weather, but by scenes such as this:

Which I’ve managed to ride around and photograph. This season also brings back the tradition of barbecues on roof-tops and in gardens, and long hours spent drinking something cold in the sun. It’s a bit of the lazy life for Amsterdamers when the sun decides to show up.

Today’s Music: Ani DiFranco – Up Up Up Up