War… huh.. What is it?

The wonderful spring rains have come to Amsterdam, and I’m quite glad about it. I start to miss the rain when it gets all sunny for 7 days in a row. Especially in a city built on water…. everywhere you look.. water. Sunny days are so over-valued, and rainy days are completely taken for granted… I believe. But not by this internaut. Bring on those spring showers… I got rain gear!

I was thinking about military today, and what a horid invention it is. I mean the entire concept. I need to go check out Costa Rica where there’s no military, I hear eco-tourism is booming over there. (yeah yeah.. I know.. no military but poor country… spare me) If any force on this earth is going to destroy us all… it’s going to be military and their insane objectives and use of resources. I mean… why bother training people to fight wars.. you’re obviously going to use those people eventually. If you put me in charge of a country with a military, I would train them in medicine and emergency assistance for natural disasters and humanitarian crises that required food more than guns. But nevermind my nice world, back to the conflict-loving planet.

Where does all this anger come from you might ask? I was just reading up on the US Army’s 90 billion modernization plan… you know.. to make “modern” war. Doesn’t it sound fun? Killing in the fast lane. A few articles later I came across the Army’s plan to promote “smart-mines.” Yet another government oxymoron, like military-intellegence; smart-mine. There is nothing smart about a device that explodes when something touches it. It sounds alot like terrorism, come to think of it. Add to that, there’s nothing smart about an administration that refuses to sign an international treaty to ban landmines. Once again.. all these things brought to you by US War machine. Let’s not forget the European and South Asian nations that produce tons of death weapons as well, especially French companies. They love keeping in the shadows while pedling weapons to children. Can you tell I’m a bit up-in-arms over arms tonight?

This will calm me down… a Robot that can conduct an orchestra!

To replace those self-rightious, demanding, and in my experience-evil yet brilliant conductors out there. Classical is about to make a huge comeback!

Today’s Music: Elliott Smith-OX