Eggs have haunted me lately. Follow me on this egg-journey:

In my diet, I try to keep eggs to a minimum. An omlette maybe twice a month, and never consisting of more than one egg. It’s just my personal preference. The only egg that I have been eating alot of lately, is the Dutch chocolate kind. Oh man, Dutch choco eggs… with their numerous flavors.. seems like everyone is just handing them to you whenever you step outside. (which is why I stay close to my pc)

So as part of my ex-pat Easter feaster contribution, I made a super-potent choco-moooooooooose (as mentioned in last entry) and my top-secret Jamie Oliver recipe calls for eggs. As I’m breaking these two poor little guys open, I kept thinking.. what a disgusting concept.. eating the embryo of an animal. Doesn’t that sound cruel? I think it looks disgusting as well. But sure enough it did create an awesome mousse, which my fellow dinner guests very efficiently and happily engulfed somewhere between the sweet patato and the after dinner Amsterdam-ritual.

Still, as I’m mixing in those eggs, and digesting some chocolate ones, I start daydreaming of the concept of eating eggs. All these politicians and other assorted zealots want to legally protect everything from the fertilized egg, embroyo, and the fetus, yet I bet they all have eggs in their meals. Disgusting! (I believe Michael Moore was calling for a protection of all the lost sperm that men so carelessly dispose of – now there’s a real cause!) Flipping through this week’s news, I noticed these folks at work again.. this time led by their crown-prince: GW BUSH, who passed a new Unborn Victims of Violence Act. As usual its a bill championed by men, telling women what to do with their own bodies. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that this act leaves no possibility of taking account a woman’s health during pregnancy. (complications, etc.)

So I’ve basically had my fill of egg talk. No more thank you.

Today’s Music: Charlie Haden & Pat Methany