Potent Choco-Mousse

This just in, apparently Sunday is Easter, or the day of Rabbit worship, as I like to call it. The day I renew my vow never again to eat our furry friend, and also not to hide any eggs of any animals. Also a quick reminder…rabbits do not lay eggs, last time I checked. I promise I’ve witnessed many a rabbit birth in a small town in Portugal where most summers were spent. – I digress, Easter does mean something to me… days off! Yes.. up til 3 (check the time stamp on this one) and waking at 11 or so… hooray for holidays. Oh yeah.. and its Passover.. so thats nice as well. It also means time to spend with important folks in my life, for that reason, Sunday it’ll be an ex-pat Easter-Feaster. Everyone’s bringing something of course, I’m supplying my personal super-potent choco-moooooooooose. (it must be written that way) Someday I’ll share my recipe… I believe in open-source cooking.

I have been following the Condoleeza Rice testimony before the 9/11 panel but I have to say I really don’t care for the whole thing. Why is it thatonly 3 years later they’re doing this? An investigation with any real merit should be immediately following the crime. The excuse of national security is just a red herring to let government officials conceal secrets that would destroy them. Not to mention the panel has no teeth and is made up of individuals who are excessively complimenting and admiring the very people they should be investigating. They need less politeness and more interrogation. The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting peace on how Americans are watching this thing.

I did manage to catch Chuck D on Air America today.. not bad. There is hope for this radio network! He even hosts a music show on Saturday evenings, I’m definately going to look into that.

Today’s Music: Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism