I want my grapes with Seeds

Progress is made, at a very slow pace. The proposal is slowly being rebuilt, and in the process – I’m discovering new weblogs and uses for weblogs. Though I could do without the excessively clever titles. I’ve managed to sneak away from the writing process for a few hours this weekend to have a mexican dinner and to visit a neighbor, refreshing breaks. At the Mexican restaurant I noticed they sell national products. One of them was a wrestling mask, you know, a major export from Mexico are the Lucha Libre wrestlers. Ahhh…I remember the days of masks in wrestling. I mean… ahem.. I don’t watch that crap… right.

I did some following up on a story reported on Off the Hook last week. The US govenment carries out 1500 court ordered wire-taps per year. Of those, 30% are in the NYC area! 30%!! It seems they love listening in and assume that all the juicy conversations are near the big apple. So if you want a nice un-monitored conversation, I recommend Montana or Alabama. Apparently the AG of NY, Elliott Spitzer is all gung-ho about carrying out more and more wire-taps to fight bad guys. Or listen-in on anyone he pleases. One of his concerns is that fun option called PTT that Nextel users have, that direct walky-talkie function that goes “beepedybeep.” Apparently you’re not allowed to tap those yet. At least until now. One more reason I don’t use the phone even in the Netherlands, don’t feel like being accused of anything, besides poor humor.

Today’s Music: Willie Nelson – Great Divide (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it)