Blue and Politics

Yesterday a new friend and I had a great practice session at University. She’s an aspiring, and I testify – talented, jazz singer and me, well.. I’m the seasoned pseudo-pro amateur french horn player, obessed with Ska, Jazz and Rock with horns. It was a great session, and reminded me that I need to really catch up on standards – especially all things Cole Porter. All-in-all.. a nice way to spend an afternoon in Amsterdamage.

The big order of business today… to talk about Air America. Have you heard about it? Have you listened? It’s the new national radio network in the US which views itself as “liberal.” Of course it is also supposed to be from the “left”, but I refute that – liberal is not left, even if the United States political scene tries to say so. I digress, the point is that it’s out there, 24 hours a day, even over the internet. Therefore as both a lefty (handed and minded) and a radio-file, I’ve tuned in all week. Generally speaking, I don’t like it very much. I do like that it exists, because there definately needs to be more diversity on the dial.. especially in terms of politics. They even hit with 1 out of 5 Bush jokes, fairly funny.

However, in my general review, Air America is using the same tactics as horrid right-wing talk shows do. Name calling, whining, acting like they are the voice of reason. What’s lacking is a sense of modesty and thoroughness. Al Franken is thus far my favorite of the bunch, but even he can bore me at times. The rest are generally poor in quality, and the evening lady doesn’t listen to callers – constantly cutting them off. Oh well.. Air America, I’m glad it’s out there, tune in and see what you think. But really, the best radio for in-depth reporting, left-leaning politics, and minority views is from Pacifica, stations like WBAI.

Today it’s off to the Amnesty International Film Festival, right here in Amsterdam. Wooo-haaaa.

Today’s Music: Maria Callas – Vive