Back Against that Wall Over There

Slight crisis in my world, my PhD proposal got heavily criticized by an important scholar. I still have one month to get it ship-shape, but this is a major setback, and from now til then I’ll be working day and night on it. Of course, with time to join a picnic is Oosterpark, as I did today. It’s officially park season in Amsterdam, thanks to sunny weather combined with the desire to be outside equals almost one million people flocking to tiny parks. A Canadian friend once denounced this city for its “lack of nature,” I told her – at the time – that it is just enough nature for me. Upon further reflection, she’s kind of right. Still, all you have to do is ride in any direction for 25 minutes and you’ll find yourself in nature… of some sort.

I found myself rummaging through that garage sale of shadey information, the whitehouse website, not to be mistaken with that other whitehouse on the web. What really disturbs me, besides the images and basically most of the words, are the menu options. The list looks like this:




National Security

Economic Security

Homeland Security

More Issues

En Espanol

Note, this is obviously how the whitehouse would like you to think of W and the administration. It doesn’t mean they’re actually any good at any of this. Nice attempt to get the Spanish speaking voters as well, not that the administration has ever done a thing for them. And furthermore, talk about scare-tactics, notice all the times SECURITY is mentioned. What the hell is the difference between National and Homeland Security anyway? What a waste of money and energy.

Going over Michael Moore’s latest letter, he mentions two interesting things: 1- As you might know, his film Farenheit 911 will be out soon, I believe it’s about the relations between the Bush and Bin Laden families. But the real shocker for me was 2- Some researchers, working for him, are in Iraq, and according to him: When Americans arrive in Iraq, there’s no need to show a passport! Why? Because it’s considered an American territory! Welcome to the American Colony of Iraq, please mind the armed gunmen.

PS – I hear M. Moore getting alot of criticism for his popularity and style. After reading his messages for over 4 years now, I’d like to say that I’m an admirer and a supporter of Mike’s Militia, the world needs more like him.

Today’s Music: David Byrne – Grown Backwards