Web bugs and Backup Governments

Apparently, around the same time I was enjoying the company of some lovely Swiss visitors, my blog went down. I’ve heard rumors of blogger being plagued by bugs.. but now I’ve properly backed it up. I’ve added a few good blogs to my blog links just to your left.. by all means.. check them out.

Well it’s official, the Greek elections are over, and the Conservative Party, aka New Democratic party, have won. Years of domination by the socialist party have ended, to no great surprise – it’s a trend in Europe. Lets see now… Portugal, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark.. all conservative parties in power, elected in the last few years. Mind you, we’re talking European Conservative, which in American terms would be considered liberal… the spectrum is a bit different. Now I know what you’re thinking – and no, the Olympics will go on as scheduled. You’ll still get to watch Ballroom Dancing, Skeet Shooting, and Kayaking direct from Athens… if they ever finish the construction. I’ve never been there, but it was not rated very highly in terms of the World’s Livable City Survey But Amsterdam came in tenth place! Just below Syndey and Frankfurt. For all the Canadians out there, Vancouver came in second place, and Calgary (home of Miss B.) was declared best in terms of health and sanitation. Click on that link, find out if your city is livable. If it isn’t, in the name of humanity, MOVE AWAY!

I’m finally polishing off this Hunter S. Thompson book Kingdom of Fear, what started as a smooth read filled with Drugs, Guns, Sex and Politics – in that order, has now become difficult to finish. Next up will be a re-read of Freud’s Civilization and It’s Discontents. Fun aren’t I? Otherwise there’s always the Utne Reader Book Club.

Today’s Music: Bill Frisell – Gone Just Like a Train