Thin Red Life

“If I never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack.” It is especially hard to blog after having just watched The Thin Red Line. It is a movie that reads like a poem. A cruel yet magnificent poem. I think everytime I’ve watched this film, every line echos in my mind. “Who are you that I knew you? Walked with you?”

Looking up some reviews on the internet, I found the same generic synopsis

“A World War II tale which focuses on a squad of American troops battling against the Japanese during the hellish battle of Guadalcanal Island. Witt has gone AWOL and considers the contrast between the peace of the islanders and the chaos brought by war.”

How sad that such reviews miss so much. This is not a “war flick.” It’s a poem. A poem about madness, evil, and hatred…and asks whether or why these things lie so close to love and goodness.

As I watched this film, I remembered why I believe so strongly in peace. Why I don’t believe in war as a means to do anything. And what a tragedy wars have been and continue to be for the entire world. No matter if you think you won or lost, no one wins. Violence spawns violence…. and worse.. dispair, darkness, evil.

On the other hand… it reminded me of the beauty that lies beneath all this shit. I think this line “We were all a family once… what happenned that pulled us apart,” this line in particular reminds me of the world. Humans. We were all a family once. No politician or general will ever convince me otherwise.

To go out on a lighter note, new random picture of my melon on each visit. Oh, and I will be renaming the blog. I’m reflecting on some new titles. Let’s see what I come up with.

Today’s Music: Ben Harper – Diamonds on the inside