Stole my heart.. that South Africa…

Sad news this morning from V in South Africa… she was so upset… her laptop (my laptop) was stolen from her office in Cape Town, while she was out at lunch. I felt bad for so many reasons, first and foremost because she really needed it, and anytime you get something that important stolen, it hurts. Second cause that’s my old laptop… my trusty old friend.. clunky yet somehow still hip enough to be wanted. I was looking forward to its return, I was going to make it a lynux machine. Dream postponed I guess… Now my laptop, filled with stickers from WBGO-Newark, Ajax-Amsterdam, Amnesty International, and Ben-n-Jerry’s ice cream, has found its way into the clandestine electronics market of Cape Town. I can only hope it brings joy and internet access to those who never had it. If you’re reading this blog from my stolen laptop.. I hope you grow to understand what you’ve done. Here is the last known photoof said laptop, taken last week… pictured is V working happily.

Now onto brighter news – In only 8 hours, I’m off to PARIS for the first time since 1996! Yes, I may have passed through there during some of my travels, but I’ve not actually set foot on Parisien ground since I was 16! I’m truely excited! Especially to be spending time with B and P who live happily with their girlfriends in that fair city. I shall be travelling via Thalys, which is great; a smooth, sleek TGV ride… I’ll take tons of photos, before even getting off the train.

Haiti Update: President Aristide, who has not resigned, arrived in Jamaica this week. Not sure what his plan is considering his enemies have taken over Haiti and the US supports them. Still, it’s of interest that Jamaica as well as the rest of CARICOM acknowledge that Aristide was the victim of an illegal coup propped up by the Bush Administration.

Paris… je vien!

Today’s Music: Badly Drawn Boy – The Hour of Bewilderment