Risk… Yes We Do

Almost fully recovered from 4 days of Paris. The Thalys ride home was smooth and lovely, add to that the cutest little Spanish-Dutch children who mixed the language in such amazing ways: “Avolita, mira.. daar staat zo veel autos, mira tantos!” Something like that. I listened to the woman explain to another Spanish-Dutchman how she immigrated to the Netherlands years ago and her husband is Dutch. So great, hearing such stories. Here’s me later on in the Thalys journey

One thing that struck me, more than any other, is just how similar Paris is to New York. I’m not talking buildings or language.. I’m talking pace of life… those Parisians are in hyper-fast mode, not unlike New Yorkers. It is as diverse and cosmopolitan, and generally speaking.. it just has a NYC vibe for me. Obviously you might not find scenes such as this in NYC
then again… maybe you would.

Out of all the horrors in the world these days, my attention is particularly turned to Taiwan. As if the recent shooting of the president wasn’t violent enough, the bitter fights – literally- between politicians, is pathetic. What’s worse is this rediculous feud between China and Taiwan.. which threatens a moronic war-type climax. Talk about a cruel joke… two neighbors with common ancestors threatening to kill each other. Then again.. the same is applicable for most of the globe… so much violence between former and future friends.

Today’s Music: Dashboard Confessional: A Mark, A Brand….