Part Time Lover

There has been an increase of UK residents visiting my blog in the past week, I’d just like to take the time to welcome them! Today I was totally enjoying the London Underground Blog and this video of a guy sliding down a huge escalator, that she had posted on there. Public transport stunts are the best.

So I grew up in NJ, as you may well know, and I was glad to read that unlike that coward Bloomberg, the mayor of Asbury Park and Governor McGreevey, have legally recognized gay marriages. They join the mayor of Seattle and of course, “America’s Mayor” San Fran’s Gavin Newsom. Hooray for my homestate! Oh and one last thing about gay marriages… I completely agree that this whole anti-gay marriage push is horrid. However, it should not underscore my distaste for the institution of marriage in general. Overpriced ceremonies, showers, gifts, clothing, food… I could care less for it. Nevermind the fact that I find it has become devoid of meaning. What Im saying is, in many ways – sure you should have the legal right, but why participate anyway, in such a crap tradition. Civil Unions all the way!

This week I bought a Portuguese book on weblogs by Mr. Antonio Granado a great journalist in Portugal. His blog has become the way I start the day, and we’ve even exchanged emails, which is great. I must become a well rounded scholar in the realm of weblogs and online communication! Speaking of which, my article on alternative journalists was submitted today to a scholarly journal in the states… I’ll be posting it on my website this week, as well as announcing if and when it gets accepted. Oh, and anyone in the Amsterdam area, an article of mine came out in this month’s “Insiders” published by the ISN. The online version should be available shortly. See, I’m earning my self-proclaimed title of a “journalist!”

Today’s Music: Art Blakey- Feelin Good (love that Caravan)