Out my window I hear spain

As I glance out my Amsterdam window, I notice there’s quite a bit of sunlight lately. Take that all you NL critics who complain it only rains! Plus the days are getting longer… which is great.. I feel less guitly for sleeping in. I hate to jump the gun, but spring is in the air.. and that means outside bbq time and long aimless bike rides to taunt sheep and look at all the lovely people on their hip-n-cool boats. Here, have a look outside my window for yourself (yeah there’s commonly a car parked there):

Briefly I’ll touch on an issue that’s getting alot of attention, and perhaps rightfully so – The Spanish Election. First, I’d like to express great joy and the downfall of J.M. Aznar. I’m a huge critic of his policies and attitudes. He not only turns his back on his European Partners, he uses terrorism as his red-herring for military and political goals. So good riddance! In comes Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who I’ve followed for the past two years (not literally!) and am interested to see him take the helm. He’s not a revolutionary. But he may have something increasingly few leaders have – A SPINE!

Oh hey… my favorite Portuguese blogger helped me find a great report on the state of journalism in America. Its all here on a very sleek website. Want the highlights? Basically big media companies are losing their audience. To which I say – YOU DID IT TO YOURSELVES MORONS! And it’s supposed to get worse because without the audience.. they’re cutting back on things like… REPORTING! Brilliant! There’s no money because people don’t like us, so we’ll do an even worse job thanks to huge budget cuts! That’s why we’ll all better off right here in the blogosphere, where the air is cleaner. Sniff Sniff.

Today’s Music: Faudel – Samra (RAI music)