Melt peanutbutter for instant joy.

By now you may have heard that my curtural outing for this Friday has been cancelled. Which is probably best, mentally I wasn’t prepared to watch women use bananas in unorthodox ways.

Announcement time: I am a KazaaLite user! YES! I share music from my personal computer! I share with anyone, anywhere in the world with a decent connection. While record companies might like to call it stealing, I believe record companies are the original thieves, who are finally being rendered useless, after years of stealing money from artists. I say this on the heels of a recent decision in an Australian court, allowing authorities to search the offices of Sharman corporation.. better known as Kazaa. While I don’t use kazaa because it’s full of spyware, I respect their right to do what they do… connecting people, allowing them to share with each other. I think this decision is horrible, and I hope it’s succesfully apealed. A similar case has been going on in the Netherlands, but similar recent cases have ruled in favor of file sharing, and I have faith in my country of residence – they’ll tell the record companies to blow it out their ass!

The Reagan miniseries finally ended today… I have no further need for a television. I grew to love that dam show. I enjoyed the Olie North scandal and Reagan telling his own staff he didn’t remember them! Oh.. and it was disturbingly interesting to watch his staff start killing themselves one-by-one as Iran-Contra unraveled. Maybe now I’ll finally have time to properly book a Thalys (Train) to Paris! Oui.. je vais ? P?ris!

Today’s Music: Death Cab for Cutie – The Photo Album