Maple Syrup Delight

The “work” section of my website had been updated with my recent papers, one of which has been submitted for eventual publication, I hope. There’s also an article towards the bottom of that list, that recently came out here in Amsterdam, and as I wander around different University buildings, I swear I see that newspaper everywhere. Probably students using them to clean their spills. I figured I’d mention these things because my weblog visits are slowly increasing!

Today was yet another terrible day for the entire world, another act of mass murder. I was just flipping through the world newspapers to see what they’re saying about the Madrid train bombing. I find it disturbing and yet typical of the Spanish government to immediately blame their scapegoats – ETA. I say this because they do no investigation, much like the American government who loves to attribute everything to Al Qaeda, Madrid likes to blame every act of violence on ETA. It’s skipping right over the investigation and going right to the conviction, then they can try to round up the usual suspects. Why? Because they spoonfeed people this black and white, good versus evil, scenario. As if the Spanish government is filled with saints. Many hands are stained with blood on this one. The only encouraging thing I’ve seen are the people taking to the streets all over Spain to stand together and denounce violence and express solidarity with one another. That’s what I like… when people remember that we’re all in this together, and we need to take care of each other.

My other thing today has been looking up American Universities and their “Canadian Studies Programs.” This because I read in the Courrier International about how college students studying Canada are becoming fewer and fewer. Can you believe it? The “neighbors to the north” and no one is interested in them! They don’t know who the PM is! (Paul Martin) They don’t know what province Regina is in, or how to pronounce it! (Saskatchewan and umm.. it’s like a part of the female anatomy) People should be studying these things! I checked out these “Canadian Studies” programs, one at the U of Vermont and another at Plattsburgh, they look cute, I would have studied Canada. Then again.. I am one of those Canada-o-philes.

Today’s Music:311 – Evolver (cause yesterday was 3/11)