Law n Order SVU Makes Sunday Night

I’m both super-curious and super thankful for the Canadians that visit this here blog. I know so many Canadians, and Canada has always played a unique role in my past, that i really can’t guess who it is, but I’m glad all the same. Recently a friend doing her PHD here in Amsterdam said to me she was going to do her work at McGill University in Montreal. I didn’t realize you could do things like that while PHD-ing. That serves as reason #35, why I want to be a PHD student. Where would I go if it were my three months? Not sure.. maybe Toronto, Seattle, or hey NYC! That would be funny… and also quite possible.

I phoned up a friend earlier this evening, she just finished her degree here – pyschology. I chose to call rather than SMS considering the occasion, but i got only voicemail, so I left the usual “me” style gibberish. I immediately got an SMS response…. from somewhere in KENYA! The message read something like thanks! Im in Kenya and Ive seen horrible things. Tomorrow I go to Ethiopia I was blown away. I forgot that GSM technology is available all over Europe and Africa… and I believe Asia. Only the “America”continents work on the, whats it called system, CDMA. So I can text my friend in East Africa all I like! I bet my good buddy Jorge would have something to say about that.. he taught me most of what I know about life and mobile phone technology.

So President Aristide of Haiti has left the building. Rebels and friends rejoice. But there’s really nothing to rejoice about. People were starving and suffering. So along come the Rebels to kill and torture those who they say were starving them. Now they will take over and after a bit more murder and suffering, they’ll make peace. How could that possibly last? You have an entire nation that has always known violence and desperation… what good has/will democracy brought them?

I’ve watched the Hurricane on DVD about a dozen times in the last month… I can’t get enough. “I served my time in a house of justice and yet there is no justuce for me.” Denzel… the man is my king.

Today’s Music: Zebda – Utopie D’occase (French Hip-Hop)