In less than 1 week I shall be on a TGV/Thalys train to Paris. As a train-o-file, I’m excited just to be getting on such a smooth ride… even if it has been around since 97 or so, it still seems so high-tech. So today when I noticed that they’re working on a China to Europe connection, I got super excited. At some point in my life, I hope to ride on such a train… Europe to China! Across Russia and Kazakstan! One day, oh yes.

This year there’s a conference that no one should miss, it’s called “The Fifth Hope: Hackers on Planet Earth.” It’s taking place in New York City and it will bring together some of the most creative and original characters in the tech world! You can hear more about it and get a general idea of the nature of this conference my listening to Off the Hook or Off the Wall at 2600.com I’m going to see if I make it out there in July, it’ll be sad to miss this one.

Fantastic documentary film that I’ve not yet seen, “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” It’s about the SOUTH of the US. It looks disturbingly interesting. And the music features some truely original artists. I’ve missed my chance here in Amsterdam, but I’ll be renting it over at Cult Videotheek ASAP.

Today’s Music: Curtis Mayfield – I forget the album