Big Ben.. PArliament

We’re in the home stretch of my Parisien tour! After three full days of running round… Im feeling tired, but content. The city I haven’t seen in years now seems more approachable and familiar. The friends that I needed to see are gettin on swimmingly here in Paris.. it’s nothing short of a pleasure to see them. I should also add, there’s something quite inspiring.. to see your friends… young couples.. living their wishes and dreams together, here in Paris. Sure, I live in a city I love.. but to do that as a couple… that seems like a super-rewarding journey.. maybe one day I’ll live it.

Paris is so enormous…. this coming from a boy who grew up in the shadow of NYC. After almost two years of Amsterdam, I’ve become something less then a big-city kid… I look around and everything and maybe for a split second.. am I am in a bit of awe. Still… no problems. Thanks to my built-in sense of direction and care-free mis-use of maps and directions, I’ve found things I needed to find. Even managed to pick up some French military surplus pants… old soviet uniform items as well… these are things I’m into, what can I say? I taken many photos.. thanks to the wonders of digital.. I shall display them tomorrow evening. (one or two I mean)

I also managed to be here for the regional elections yesterday. Talk about a lesson in democracy… many parties.. many coalitions… and yes.. a good voter turn-out. The verdict… fairly mixed.. but overall.. the Socialist/Communist/Green coalition has made a comeback, and they look poised to take a majority of regions over the right/Extreme right. Sidenote: the extreme-right still had a strong showing… hooray for facist voters.

Back to Amsterdamage!

Today’s Music: Barbara (her songs are gettin lots of play in Paris)