Another Night of Horn

I’d like to say thank you to all you internauts out there, my blog set a new record for visitors yesterday… 26 in one day. Yes I know it’s a modest number, but I’m a modest guy, if you can ignore the narcissism of all this. My England visitors are increasing, and I suspect that my participation on livejournal has led a few people to wander over. If that’s your case, welcome!

I listen to alot of radio during the course of the day. Over breakfast and lunch, I’m tuned to the BBC Worldservice, in the late morning, if I can, I’m tuned to Dutch public radio. In the afternoon I tune into RFI – French Radio International, and I rarely miss Democracy Now, Off the Hook, and tons of other shows on WBAI-NYC. Late night I lose out on alot of sleep cause I’m still listening to my boys Ron and Fez in DC on WJFK. I even do what I can to contribute to the show with instant messages. Today it was the BBC that really had my attention, their program: Europe Today, did a special on Talinn, Estonia, and how the city (as well as the country) is changing with its entry into the European Union only one month away (May 1st!). In this segment they chose to focus on all the mobile phone companies that moved their factories there, reason: NO TAXES. Apprently they get huge tax breaks. Which reminds me of the type of strategy Portugal has to attract foreign investment. I’m an opponent of such deals. Those companies should contribute to the community.. not just come in cause its cheap… hire some people… fire some people.. and get out. I’d call this the dark side of joining the EU.

On a lighter note, I wish I was this guy:

It took him more then ten years to build his very own monorail system in his yard! How cool is that? Not very cool says you? OH I disagree… I’d ride in circles.. happily.

Today’s Music: Vinicious Cantuaria – Sol na Cara