1 thru 20 in Arabic!

No feed back from Canadians from my last entry… I guess they’re shy. That’s fine. We still love our Canadian friends on this blog. Matter of fact, one just emailed me. We’re going to see a very typical Amsterdam show this Friday. (nudge nudge-wink wink) I’ve never been to the “low-class theater” (we’ll call it) the entire 17 months I’ve lived here. So this will be a very cultural experience.

Yesterday I witnessed, via radio, one of the most shocking scandals in quite some time. I listened to Haitian President Aristide on the phone with members of the US congress, calling from the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. Why? According to him – HE WAS KIDNAPPED! By who, you ask? The US MARINES. The man was distraught. He had said he wouldn’t resign in the face of armed rebels wanting to kill him. But yesterday morning he was taken in the middle of the night, escorted by personel from the American embassy, not allowed to speak to anyone, and flown to locations unknown, only to land more than 8 hours later in the CAR. Why am I up in arms? Because good president or not, he was democractically elected! And the people seeking to remove him were military trained in other countries; notorious murderers and leaders in the drug trade. These people have the support of Washington! This once again makes me ashamed of what is allegedly “my government.” Then again… I was already ashamed.

Slightly brighter news is that I’ve started watching this miniseries that caused an uproar in the states earlier this year, “The Reagans.” This show is hilarious! I laugh and then I cry. I laugh because this man actually controlled the future of the world in his hands for 8 years! I cry because this man controlled the future of the world in his hands for 8 years. I cry more. Especially anytime he talks about nuclear weapons like they’re a gift from the gods. But man do I love when he says “Don’t cry mommy” or when he himself is all lost and forgetting things. Its insane to see how superstitious, naive, and just completely out to lunch both he and Nancy were. Talk about the emperor having no clothes…

Today’s Music: Thrice – Artist in the Ambulance (a bit loud)