Working from Home, Wear Business Pajamas

Those LiveJournal people are wierd. I’m telling you, I got caught up reading some of those lately, and it’s such a cult – what with their little emoticons and that silly category thats says “Mood”. People who post what mood they’re in outta shampoo my crotch. I can’t take credit for that line, I think it was Nicholson.

OK no more beating around the bush.. pardon the pun… THE NADER ANNOUNCEMENT. Let’s talk about this. Right off here’s what I’m not going to do: I’m not going to say he’s making a mistake. I’m not going to denounce him like most progressives who hate Bush and fear four more years. I’m not going to say “it’s not the right time” or make hypothetical claims that he cost Gore the election… GORE COST GORE the election.

I’m not going to say these things because I agree with what the man says, and it takes a great amount of nerve to do what he’s doing.

First off, in a democracy, there should be many different candidates to represent the many different people. There has been no progressive voice in this election so far, not including Kucinich who won’t win the dem. nomination. Furthermore the philosphy of “not now” is ludicrous. (so ludicrous I can’t spell the word!) There will never be a time where progressives say “YES NOW!” If Dems win this time, in four years its likely that conservatives will come storming back, so again it won’t be the “right time.” People act as if George Bush is the first anti-christ who’s been president… PLEASE. He’s just another in a long line of anti-christs. Reagan was just as evil. Clinton had equally as damaging policy moves in terms of welfare and trade. With all this Bush madness, we’ve decided to ignore the truth – THE PROBLEMS OF THE U.S. WILL NEVER BE SOLVED BY THE PARTIES WHO CREATED THEM.

One last thing and I’ll drop this – Whether I vote for him or not, I’m glad Nader is in the race, because candidates have been silent on the issues he brings up. They’re too busy counting their military medals or checking attendance records from the VietNam era instead of talking about FTAA, the growing Nuclear Weapons Developement, and the corporate irresponsiblity that has ruined far too many lives! Not now you say? PLEASE NOW I say.

Oh, on a lighter note yesterday (though technically still today in the states) was Mr. O’s birthday. He’s old as dirt now, so I’d like to extend my congratulations on doing a great job with the whole aging thing. Happy Birthday sir!


Today’s Music: Getti Lee – My Favorite Headache