Train in Vain

Im super thankful to all those who have checked in and read the blog, even more thankful to those who come back periodically. I promise to blog every other day and hopefully keep it interesting or just random. A reliable source in Baltimore pointed out some design flaws.. I fixed ‘ em… the design flaws I mean… so thanks to him. I put up those US photos and I intend to put up the rest of my travel photo archive on my site… this week.. in case anyones interested.

Tonight, Im coming to you live from Brussels… Stokkel to be precise.. and may I say… c’est bien d’etre a Bruxelles.. avec mes cousins. Because it is… R & R for the mind and the stomach… considering all the good food. Interesting this… here in Brussels MSNBC is part of the cable package… so yeah… Ive been watching.. despite the obvious reservations about that station. One thing is clear.. the US media… even the poorest quality such as television.. have started to wake up to their role and the realities of the Bush admin… they’re seriously digging into this Bush AWOL discussions.. and hey.. they even talk about the fake weapons claims. This after years of not saying dam thing and worshipping him like a god. It’s about time.

I was on the train over here.. seated next to some sort of amateur British business type sweating like a pig trying to impress a French girl in the seat next to him. Man, did he role out every joke he could.. it made me sick eventually.. I was ready to stand up and say ” LISTEN.. DONT GO OUT LIKE THIS MAN.. IF YOU FEEL SOMETHING.. JUST SAY IT.. SAVE US THE PAIN OF HAVING TO LISTEN TO YOU.” Alas, I never quite said that. My only comfort, besides watching the Dutch/Belgian scenery, was an Angolan family that were riding a few seats down. I love Angolan Portuguese.. and found myself smiling profusely at them and laughing along to their jokes. Im lucky they didnt call the cops on the insane train passenger laughing to Portuguese-Angolan jokes. Even cooler was to hear them switch from Portuguese to French… apparently theyve lived in Belgium for a long time.

Hey the Koreans cloned a human . Well, you know.. the egg/embryo or something to that effect. I say right on, Im glad its the Koreans, and that they don’t allow some flat-earth religious laws keep them from exploring the questions of the universe and life. Clone away! Just… maybe not me….. yet.

Today’s Music: Jet’s to Bazil – Perfecting Lonliness