Sunrise, Sunset

Well it just keeps getting better ’round here on the blog. Observe, as you read on, that there are now comment boxes for each post – thanks! Please post comments, don’t be shy, yell at me or just share any thoughts!

I’m parking my bike out front today, and one of these old men who has been milling around the boats parked along side the canal looks my way. Now for the past two weeks a bunch of men in big black boots and mucky-mucked uniforms have been pulling sunken row boats out of the water. It’s as if they let them sink awhile back, and now that they’ve got some spare time, they’ve decided to go back to titanic. So the guy walks over to me mumbling in Dutch, says something like “yup, we finally got it out.” And I, being the Gordon’s fisherman himself, look over in awe… in my best dutch I tell him “Yes, you guys have been very busy. Beautiful boat.” I was especially happy when we didn’t flinch at my pronounciation or grammar… I mean.. he’s not an understanding university student.. he’s an old guy.. I expected him to understand nothing of my accented gibberish. But we were like two old sea captains out there… except I have little to do with captainism or sea things. Good conversation all the same, and hey.. perhaps a new friend to take me on a boat ride!

I wanted to get into the issue of gay marriage. Alot of this comes after listening to Off the Wall on WUSB, Stonybrook, NY. It is disturbing to find all the attention and anger put into this issue, only now. With folks like GW Bush saying he wants a constitutional ammendment against gay marriage… as if this is so necessary? Were gay couples and their marriages really affecting his life so much? Was he in any way even in contact with married gay couples? NO. It’s so strange to see people getting outraged at gay marriage as if their own lives are being destroyed. Talk about all-out hatred and fascism, out to put a stop to people who have never influenced your life in anyway. Insanity… mostly for political gain. As if the nation was in any real danger because of gay marriages. Once again, Bush’s priorities are those of an imbicil.

Obviously round here in NL things are a bit different in that department, which I wouldn’t even regard as progressive… just humane. World needs a bit more of that.. humanity. Marry, don’t marry… who cares? Just don’t expect a huge wedding gift cause I got no steady income these days!

Today’s Music: Bright Eyes – Fevers & Mirrors