Share the Code

While riding the Brussels metro today, en route to the train back to Amsterdam, a very interesting yet simple thing happenned. I recognized it both because I was smack in the middle of it, and because it was the type of occurance that would never be allowed in the United States. A group of around 20 children, scouts, inavaded the subway car with their with their 20 something year old male group leaders. They only stayed on for one stop, but during that brief ride I observed the usual kid antics… singing, joking, taunting.. and a whole lot of handholding. So my point: Could this happen in the US… in any city with a subway? Probably not. Thanks to lawsuits and general paranoia, parents or schools would never allow a group trip to hop on the subway – EVER. Furthermore they wouldn’t allow a group of young males to chapperone a field trip. So, overall, I think its a dam shame, and I was glad to see that at least in Belgium, you can still see these things.

Speaking of seeing things, someone leaked parts of windows code onto the internet.. hahahaha

I say everyone go forth and use it, share it, imitate it. Computers are much too important for our societal needs for one company to control them the way microsoft does. We need to start dismantling the empire and finding a more egalitarian method of software developement. Oh wait.. that already exists.. its called lynux!

During my journey back to Amsterdam, I swear I also heard two people whistling.. once on the train and then again parking their bike in front of my place. They were both whistling the Rasmus! (In the Shadows) When I heard the second girl, I just couldn’t stay quiet about it, I yelled to her “Hey.. Rasmus right? – in the shadows? ” And she gave me a blank stare response. I got annoyed… both feeling like an ass and for not being validated for what Im convinced was a correct answer. BUT THEN – two minutes later, that same girl sees me through my groundfloor window and knocks, she yells… “Hey you’re right… I didnt realize… it is Rasmus!”

I win girl…. knock on my window anytime.

Today’s Music: Azure Ray – November EP