Opium and Soup

So hey, I think the new site is really taking off! It should be lookin good, cause I haven’t done much else these days… it’s a shame. Slowly more travel photos will be added, Im especially lookin forward to the flashback to OCG days that Im throwin in. Speaking of flashbacks,

it appears that Afghanistan’s opium production is nine times higher than it was under the Taliban.. which once again illustrates how Afghanistan is a disaster and far from stable. NO, Im not saying the Taliban were better, I’m saying that they went from one type of bad to a different type of bad.. it’s still a bad situation, yet politicians act like it was a huge success and everything is great there now.

I’m sitting at Soep enzo today, as I do so often.. cause hey.. where else, besides my house, will I eat such thick and hearty soup! I even splurged today and went for the Fish Soup with Shrimp. (veggie yes… cept I do eat seafood) Anyway best part are the lovely ladies eating soup and reading the newspaper. I love them.. probably because they’re that perfect blend of quiet, mysterious, current-events conscious, soup eating… yeah.. all the things I want in a woman.

They seem like the type of women that would no doubt share my horror at reading that Blair and Bush were nominated for Noble Peace prizes in 2002. Bush and Blair!! Peace prizes?? That’s insane. Martin Luther King… Mother Teresa… Xanana Gusmao.. these are pious and kindhearted figures who get nominated. Bush and Blair… please. Do the math.. how many people died both home and abroad, on their watch? pfffff… noble prize… please.

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