Well– what you should be looking at is a new beginning… that is.. provided it’s working. I know most of the menu options aren’t active, but otherwise… this is the new look. Why? Because I still wasn’t happy with the last design.. too dark.. still too complex. This is more my style. Photos and Articles will be up and working soon enough. Now the blog will be the centerpiece… and I intend to write both about my life and current events… YES BOTH IN ONE. Check back often, cause I’m plan to publish pretty much every 2 days or so. So here’s a sample:

Today I discovered a new source for funding in order to persue my PHD in something Journalism related. The discovery comes thanks to a dear friend and a Portuguese Newspaper – ? Publico. This basically renews my hope for continuing my academic life. I’m hoping to focus my research on journalism on the web, weblogs and other means for rebelious communication. Furthermore let me spread rumors… I’m not ruling out doing a PHD somewhere in Scotland or.. dare I say it.. in the MidWest of the United States. Trouble is.. I might go nuts in the midwest… so that move is a bit more unlikely.. but still… never say never.

Tonight I rented In This World for me and Mart to watch. Excellent Docu-Drama… All about the trek that immigrants make from Afghanistan to the UK. It’s very powerful.. and at times.. quite beautiful. Makes me promise myself to go to Iran.. and soon! It also makes me want to go to Istanbul soon… which is more likely. Haven’t been doing nearly the traveling I want to…. but I will.. and soon.

A civil war is brewing in Haiti… so I won’t be going there anytime soon.. unless as a journalist. It’s a sad situation… popular elected president who hasn’t been able to effect any real change. I don’t believe anyone could in that situation… this “New World Order” keeps Haiti poor so other nations can reap the benefits of cheap labor… amongst other causes.

My mind is on Moscow.. and the subway bombing. It is, from what I hear.. a beautiful subway. Not to take away from the wonderful people who have been so effected by all this.