Nelly is my queen

I think I’m averaging 8 hits per day! 8 hits per day! You corporate web types might think “oooh small potatoes,” but we unemployed academic types think “hey 8 people pay attention to me daily!” So yeah… this week.. under the travel section.. I promise new stuff… actually old stuff… but new old stuff.

So there’s this neighborhoody feeling startin to develope at my “temporary” new place.. ever since the neighbors party for people in my building, there’s a whole lot of “hallo!” and “Hoi!” or “Hoe is het?” [hows it going] And this makes me quite happy… Im even going to get brave and start doing the “pop-in” at the top floor where the ladies have invited me to pop-in around dinnertime anytime! Im a gentleman, I will have to oblige.

As nice of a guy as I am, I’m superhappy to see that Joe Lieberman is out of the primaries, that hatemonger, I hope he goes off and joins the far right where he would feel more comfortable. Free to hate rap music and rated R films all he wants. And before I get off the election topic, I must express my approval of Teresa Heinz Kerry … I like her more than her husband.. she should run for pres! She’s active within the UN system, she runs a charitable foundation, she speaks multiple languages, she was schooled in Switzerland, raised in Mozambique.. and hey… it doesn’t hurt that she’s of a Portuguese family!

So I’m worried about my teeth. I don’t have a dentist over here.. and I feel its time to get my dogs checked. I heard through the U of Amsterdam grapevine (yes there’s a vine.. I think I run it) that I can go to THE DENTISTS school. YES — They have their own school! Don’t get me wrong, Im not an anti-dentite! No sir. So I can go to this school and apparently something like 2 or 3 students will check my teeth under the supervision of a teacher. Low BUDGET! But hey… theyre gonna be dentists right.. so.. that’s good enough right? I’ll be sure and ask for the A students.

Today was the 1 year anniversary of the London Traffic Congestion Toll… basically you gotta pay to take your car into the center of the city. Based on the numbers, it’s a huge success.. traffic is down, city is cleaner, more people are taking public trans. I’m a huge fan… not only of the intiative but of mayor “Red” Ken Livingstone.. I wish he would run for PM and bitchslap that oligarch Blair. Happy anniversary congestion toll!

Today’s Music: Nelly Furtado – Folklore