Jogging, can’t feel my ears

I’m going to keep reminding the readers out there, that you can now leave a comment after each post. Not only is it possible… it is encouraged! Or you can just click on comments and read what folks have written, although it becomes a chicken/egg issue at some point.

I tried to convince a Canadian to go bike riding in the sun with me. In the end there was no sun and the Canadian had to work. I myself decided to just go jogging… during this jog I realized how cold it was as I lost feeling in most limbs. Even though it’s such a familiar feeling, that “my ears are going to explode” feeling amazes me every time.

Sadly, I spent much of my day fiddling with WindowsXP OS tools… translation.. I’m bored with WindowsXP and I want to customize this whole thing to the point where I’ll probably ruin everything. Now I have a very Lynux-Techy desktop with buttons in wierd places. If you get curious, I recommend WindowsBlinds4.

A great deal of time was also spent on catching up on Village Voice reading. I especially enjoyed catching up on the Mr. Roboto column, who’s latest highlights include insight on Tablet PC’s and Centrino technology. I guess I won’t be using Wi-Fi stuff anytime soon. Oh, and perhaps more importantly, in this week’s Voice Sydney Schanberg

gives the run down of how GW Bush has pretended his way through the last 4 years.

Oh hey, and I just heard that one of the cell phone companies here in the NL is going to start offerring hand-free sets for bicyclists! How exciting! I mean, I intend to continue biking with one hand and speaking on the phone with the other, but I think its about time a company gave some attention to cyclists. After all, millions of people, one quarter of the workforce in the NL, ride their bikes to work everyday. Hooray for mobile-phone-velocepedes!

Today’s Music: Damien Rice-O