Inquiry… Who Believes this shit?

So W announces he’s “concerned” about the intellegence reports on WMD’s that he based his invasion of Iraq on. Therefore he creates a independent council. You know, a few of his pals to examine his own lies. And then of course his shoe-shine boy, Tony, does the same thing at Downing Street. The whole process stinks. It’s like the fox being appointed to guard the chickens… or Dupont being named director of the EPA during the Reagan admin. Obviously he’s not going to enforce ant strict standards that would hurt his business. Same goes for Bush’s investigation, he named the team, so obviously he’s not going to select someone who will find him guilty of fabrication and fraud on a mass scale.

Fact is this man lied about a matter of national security.. better yet.. international security. We’re not talking about a blow job here… we’re talking about blowing up an entire country! Every day more soldiers and civilians die in what they like to call a “war.” The whole reason they are there has been proven false… it is, as it always was, an unjust occupation under a false pretense. Most of he world as well as the US knows this, the question is, when will the moronic majority wake up to this awful truth. Relection they say? They should be worrying about him going to jail!

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