Hard Rocks… Geology Anyone?

I’m slowly sprucing up the photos section of my site. Trying to simplify it, yet keep it fairly interesting. Seems to be working cause the amount of visitors to my site has skyrocketed.. averaging around 6 people per day. Wanna see?

Yesterday the “water taxi” came humming down my canal… I thought to myself “here’s a good way to move furniture.” I mean, I used to live on a different canal, I want to transport furniture, I want to avoid traffic and the busy center of the city… so WATER TAXI. (need the number? 535-6363. At least I hope that’s how it works, othewise perhaps that was just a guy who bought the water taxi and rides around with the old paintjob and phonenumber on his boat.

In the last 24 hours in Iraq, 102 people have been killed. Soldiers that have died are now more than 500. Iraqi’s who have died… that number is above 1,000.. I haven’t checked Back to Iraq lately, great blog from an excellent journalist in Iraq. I don’t know how much more death people need to see before they realize this mission is bullshit and it is anything but a success. Speaking of which, I was reading Salam Pax’s Blog (Iraqi in Baghdad) and I rather enjoyed this quote “I do think Iraqis should worry about the presidential elections in the USA, it is scary how much influence someone sitting so far away has over the destiny of a nation.” So strange to live in Iraq these days, I imagine. I highly recommend him, by the way, Salam Pax.. he’s an excellent writer and you learn amazing things about the reality on the ground there.

I started doing conversational meetings with someone from Paris. We meet and switch back and forth… she speaking English and me speaking French. It’s really great cause I haven’t had intense, long conversations in French in a long time. Actually I should get involved in a larger project of conversation exchange, that would be awesome… someone in French, English, Spanish and dare to dream-Arabic. I can see it now…..

Today’s Music: Roots – Phrenology