Shout out to the London/NYC photoblog guy Who emailed me thanking me for some comments I left. The site/blog contains some excellent photography and has gotten alot of recognition in the blog world. Yes, there is a blog world, and it’s huge. This blog o mine is just a rest stop along the way, and I should add, an increasingly popular rest stop. I get amazed at some of the visitors.. wierdest one I noticed lately was from General Dynamics, the company that makes weapons of mass destruction for the American military. Isn’t that odd – someone at that company stumbled upon my blog? Probably to see what another peacenik is up to.

Speaking of death, US government has announced they’re going to continue using landmines… “smart” landmines. Which reminds me of other oxymorons like “Military Intellegence” and “Jumbo Shrimp.” Once again, an embarassment to the country and humanity. No rational human being would support such barberous tools of death, and almost every nation has agreed to ban landmines. But hey.. those people in the White House see the world through some very special glasses.. where everyone is the enemy and war can fix everything.

Standing in some posh bar tonight, I kept thinking about how overrated live human socializing is, at least that type. If I had a choice, I think I’d enjoy internet chatting, myspacing or emailing in place of downing drinks while talking to strangers who I feel completely uninterested in. And of course, its Amsterdam and Friday night, so everyone in England has paddled accross the channel and joined every Dutch person to meet up and provide yet another boost to the alcohol industry… at this one bar in the Pipe! (south Amsterdam) When compared to internet communication… I think the net wins.. you learn more about people.. you can even be more creative sometimes… unlike a pub where you either chat about nothing or attempt to entertain, on the net I could recommend a visit to my friend Tony Clifton, for example.

All this just to say i was bored at some bar tonight.

Today’s Music: Norah Jones – Feels Like Home