Primaries and Caucuses

Add it to the pile of evidence proving what a poor quality democracy the US has… the Iowa caucuses and the forthcoming primaries. So let’s see… Gephart loses Iowa… a farm state with a population of very few, and he pulls out of the race. So now when primaries come around to California or South Carolina.. those people can no longer choose that candidate… they lose the right to vote for the rep. of their choice.

Furthermore does anyone know what happens in a caucus? Its not going in and voting.. you walk into a room and you debate with other delagates/party members about who you choose. As was appropriately mentioned on WUSB’s Off The Wall radio show , this makes it highly unlikely someone who likes Al Sharpton will walk into an Iowa caucus and shout.. “I love reverand Al!” They might fear getting their butt kicked, so they choose the more popular candidates. Once again, this isn’t democracy, it’s some sort of cabal to intimadate you and keep people out.

What does it all mean? Just a reminder of how horrible the electoral system is. In case the selection of GWB wasn’t proof enough.