meaningless capture

Well I’ve kept my silence long enough…. what does mark think of this saddam business… I don’t give a shit. Saddam Hussein in an old and sick man… I wish he had not gotten caught but rather died in hiding or killed himself. My reasons are: A> Let him die, taking whatever feeling of guilt and hate with him B>By being caught he gives the US false hope.. that terrorism can be stopped using guns and bombs.

Now we will have one of the most corrupt court cases ever. An Iraqi court… which means a puppet court set up by the occupying force.. run by people who havent practiced law in ages. No constituion… no court system… yet they claim to be able to hold a trial.

I would like to hear from Hussein regarding his reasoning… what was going through his mind. And more importantly.. I want the scoop on his nixon/reagan/bush relations, cause he was allied with each of them until he became public enemy 1 in 1990. And now we’ll never hear about it… it will be buried by his captors.

All this TV bullshit tries to paint such a good vs. evil picture. They are all evil.. the administrations, the dictators.. they’ve all murdered. They don’t mind letting old man pinochet, a genocidal fuckhead, get off based on mental incapacity.. but they’ll try an old and pathetic hussein.

Meanwhile the war on terrorism will never end… its like declaring a war on crime… it will always exist.. especially in a society full of inequality, hate, and desperation.

We got em? We got nothin.