Fujimori, laughing at the world

We know that crooks and killers go free everyday and live like royalty. That becomes almost like a normal injustice in the world. Those people get elected president, coronel, king, or they just become millionaires. One particular of these: Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori. With the help of his right-hand man Montesinos, who is yet to really serve any time in prison, these men were responsible for murdering countless, rigging elections, stealing tax-payer money, and generally speaking – running Peru into the ground.

Well eventually the show ended, when there were no attrocities left to commit.. or so it seemed, these men ran off.. Fujimori, to Japan, where he was given asylum as a Japanese citizen. (yeah he had both) So there he has sat for some 3 years now, and last week the news that he has been appearing on Peruvian TV surfaced, apparently he managed a commentating gig with some program. A criminal, who committed attrocities as the alleged president of a country, escapes, gets asylum, and now gets on TV. This is truely disgusting. Shame on the Japanese government for allowing it. The American government for ignoring it. And Peruvians for ever being bamboozled by that monster. When one looks to their role model in the USA, it almost seems natural.