Disasterous and Worsening

Now they say they’ll be out by 2006. Bush and Blair, partners in sending young people to their deaths in Iraq. now partners in trying to save their own political asses. How many per week, between 5 and 20 is the average in the past 3 weeks. And that’s not including Iraqis and foreign troops/aid workers. This alleged “war” in Iraq is in no way over, and anything but a victory. Obviously no war has ever really had a victor.. the idea itself is an oxymoron. But this Iraq intervention is proving to be a disaster on many levels. And just think when this generation of Iraqi children gets older and carries a hatred toward American and British military… perpetual hatred… terrorism’s fertilizer.

Some say whats done is done, no sense in “I told you so. ”

I say more than I told you so, I want those responsible to be held accountable. All the leaders who lied, military officials who gave orders, they are all murderers and guilty of treason against peace. They should face trial and be removed from their cushy lives.