Israel Attack

The Israeli bombing of Syria is an act of war and therefore illegal. Using its superior military featuring the latest in fighter technology from the United States, the Israeli defence force committed a violation of international law by attacking another nation. The Sharon government calls it an attack against a terrorist training camp, terrorists who have bombed cities in Israel, and therefore this is retaliation. Sharon’s aggression has precedent, the United States bombing of Afghanistan and Sudan during the Clinton admininstration, and more generally – the pre-emptive strike Bush doctrine. Welcome to the era of pre-emptive attacks. In the name of peace, you wage war, insisting that you’r stopping a future threat. And of course, the international community gives no clear response, even the Arab league won’t stick their necks out to defend Syria. Perhaps more interesting, is that at present, the Syrian government has not responded with violence… a phenomenon that Arial Sharon should study carefully — non-violent responses to aggression.