My heart goes out to Californians… they now have a governor who made such films as Junior and True Lies. Grant it, Predator and Kindergarten Cop had their moments, but it’s not like having Deniro or Pitt – who make fine films – being elected governor. This guy is an average actor and he’ll be an average (or less than average) governor. People want to know what happened to California’s wealth, they blame the governor – but have they looked into global economics and privatization. It’s not like the governor was in charge of the electric companies, they are PRIVATE. It’s not like the governor killed Silicon Valley, the .com boom ended and with it went all the get-rich quick pipe-dreams.

Furthermore Arnold has absolutely no plans.. his campaign consisted of crappy rock songs and movie quotes… plus his air-guitar was awful. If the Kennedy family had any shred of respect and esteem, it is being quickly eroded by the son-in-law that likes cashing in on his relation to them, yet likes to play for the other team (republicans).

The only good outcome could be for democrats in the presidential race – after Arnold helps the situation go from bad to worse, it will be election time, and man — they will definately give Bush a kick in the ass for the crappy work of his fellow republican cyber-bodybuilder-governor.