Bush Logic

Mr. Bush’s reaction to the recent day in Baghdad which featured 3 different suicide bombings, something to the effect of “This shows that we’re making progress and that freedom is taking hold, our enemies are getting desperate.”

Progress? Over 100 American military personal have been killed. Hundreds if not thousands of Iraqi’s have been killed. The Red Cross and the United Nations have become targets of massive attacks. Officials, journalists, religious leaders, and other civilians are murdered with little protection from the occupying forces.

All this is progress? Is this freedom? The freedom to be bombed and gunned down by gangs? Why would Bush say this? Does he have any concept of what is happenning in Iraq? Of course, he’s never been there, and when his own secretary of defence went to Iraq, he spent all his nights in Kuwait. Sure – he’ll make a speech about freedom and progress, but he himself doesn’t seem aware of the actual situation. Or rather, is it that he really doesn’t give a shit?