Storms and Generals

Flipping through the Washington Post, just to make sure there wasn’t any real journalism going on there (it happens on occasion, they write something good), I noticed an article by a guy named Joel Afenbach or something like that. The article described how trees are urban terrors! I repeat, this “journalist” in what is supposed to be a storm damage report, concludes that Trees are an urban danger. Apprently they are not enough of an urban danger, because during the storm no tree was able to fall into this man’s office and smash his computer, or as I call it, his tool of disinformation.

More fluff from the WashPost, keep ’em dumb, keep ’em numb – thats company policy.

Briefly, Wesley Clark. Now, my more left leaning friends and acquaintances have expressed their liking of the general. Why? Well.. he’s got that military career and those good looks that steal some of Bush’s pro-military, common man appeal. Many dems see him as the savior of the party.

Trouble is, the party is rotten to the core, and it’s starting to stink. Wesley Clark? A good guy?

FLASHBACK: Kosovo, NATO under the command of Clark, bombs Serbia for weeks under the pretense that this was the only way to protect Kosovo from the Serb military. During his watch, NATO planes bomb hostipals, TV stations, Power Stations, Oil Refineries, Passenger Trains, Truck Convoys, Foreign journalists, Refugee camps. Thousands die. And Clark claims it was all “part of the mission.” I’m sorry, he may have been doing his job, but the fact is, he killed innocent people. Like his military associates, he cannot simply write-off those deaths like it’s all in a days work.

Democrat? If the dems intend to continue their self-destruction, yes he is. To those who say he’s an improvement over Bush… I say… improvement, perhaps. But Clark as the democractic candidate is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the titanic.