Looking at the calender, this week is the anniversary of Sept. 11th. And perhaps the only thing worse than that terrible occurance is the tasteless, offensive, insulting, ignorant, manipulative and just plain horrible tributes/commercializations that will take place this 9/11. If it isn’t showtime showing a rediculous and pathetic movie called 9-11 featuring GW Bush as the movie’s “hero”, it will be some corporate scheme on the part of NBC or CBS offerring hours upon hours if “tributes to America” with excessive uses of American flags and photos of people crying and troops marching. As one Village Voice reporter mentions this week, it reeks of soviet propoganda. Matter of fact, you can bet the American president will be on every television pan-handling for support for his failure of a war. 4 months ago he said fuck the UN, now he changes his tune, trying to paint himself as something other than the arrogant, ignorant, international-community disrespecting president we all know him to be.

All-in-all, it’s going to be a rough week. My heart especially goes out to New York, as once again America will invade the once autonomous and creative metropolis, and give it a red-white-and blue brain washing. Have courage New York, hopefully it doesn’t last more than a week.