Portugal, facing an uncontrolable outbreak of forest and fires and a scorching heatwave, has appealed to NATO for assistance. This assistance would come in the form of air support and heavy equipment to help fight the fires. But what is baffling to this journalist and European, is why the hell does Portugal have to ask NATO for such things? Has it gotten so bad that the European Union can’t organize itself to assist its member states in the face of emergencies? How is it that Brussels hasn’t already dispatched assistance in its various forms to Portugal, France, Spain and any other nations facing this hurrendous crisis. By not providing its member states with the necessary aid, it helps legitimize the military-industrial dinosaur also known as NATO. An organization who’s charter expired with the cold war, and tries its best to be important in world affairs, and constantly undermind EU initiatives in the areas of defence and conflict resolution.

If Brussels has in fact taken action, it should do more and be quite public about it. Don’t force your poor children to go begging the nearest scumbag just waiting to be called upon.

And while on the subject of crisis and record breaking-destructive heat, how about that… still think Global Warming doesn’t exist? Oh wait.. the only ones who didnt are in the air-conditioned white house. Maybe someday they’ll actually notice the world going on around them.