So what do I think of this Arnold for governor business? I thinks it crap. Typical crap. Hollywood is god. They produce our fantasies and a large part of our collective culture, so naturally people go nuts when some fool walks off the screen and into the state-house. Can anyone describe Arnold’s plans for Cali? NO! Do you know his experience, besides films? NO! All we know is films and magazine interviews filled with smiles and anecdotes.

By no means does a hollywood star represent the people of any state. What does he know about working as a temp, or not having health insurance, or paying a mortgage? HE DOESNT! He has plenty of houses, jobs, and money. A representative should not only understand, he should be totally familiar with what REAL LIFE is like. Arnold hasn’t lived a real life in more than a decade. This is just more political crap. The hacks in both parties realize they’re in trouble… people don’t vote — they don’t participate in the sham that is called a democracy. Some democracy… a guy who isn’t qualified might just get the job of running one of the most important state’s in the WORLD.

May as well vote Gary Coleman… he’s more fun.