It seems that the Bush administration, governor Pataki of New York State, and NYC mayor Bloomberg seriously pulled the wool over everyones eyes in the aftermath of the blackout. The press helped: from CNN to NYTimes they were producing “feel-good”stories about people waiting to get home or sleeping on the street and the “party-like”atmosphere. They dedicated plenty of pages to these fluff stories, yet practically no pages were dedicated to investigating the government’s role in power-grid mismanagement. They reported nothing on the de-regulation and underinvestment of the northeast’s power generating facilities. And the public has fallen for it hook-line-and sinker, they’ve long forgotten that someone could actually be held “accontable”in all this.

This was also true when Bush first forced his way into the presidency and held top-secret closed to the public meetings to plan energy policy. Apparently no where in those plans was the Northeast situation discussed. There were big promises following the California energy crisis about better mamagement and planning, apprently more lies. Just window dressing in hopes that people won’t notice. And the worst part is, it’s worked, people aren’t questioning… the media isn’t investigating… and the government is free to keep fabricating.