Justice by the barrell of a gun, US Military style: No trial, No Rights, No truth – just guns and bombs and celebration. That’s the mentality. Now they say they have killed Saddam’s sons, which of course, none of us can prove, so we just believe it.

They claim that killing Saddam’s sons is important, because they organize the resistance and they are generally bad people. Such beliefs prove that the US occupation force and its leaders understand nothing of what its like to have your home occupied by a bunch of outsiders who arrest and shoot your neighbors. No killing of any leaders will stop the resistance, never has that worked in the history of occupations. Kill Saddam’s sons, but don’t believe for a second that killing will make things better. Violence can only bring about violence. And by killing their leaders, the US not only shows is disregard for justice and rule of law, but its ignorance regarding opressed people and resistance.