One of the most interesting court cases to be following, in this day and age, is that of Zakorias Moussaoui (pardon the spelling) standing trial accused of plotting the September 11th terrorist attacks. He is the only person facing a charge related to 9/11 and furthermore, he is actually involved in a civil court, contrary to other detainees in guantanamo who supposedly will be tried by military tribunals. (that is, if they are ever charged for the crimes which still haven’t been determined)

What are the interesting aspects of this case:

– Moussaoui has opted to act as his own defense, and with that has extensively familiarized himself with his rights and the law. What does this translate to? They haven’t been able to railroad him, they actually have to make a case. (maybe)

– Moussaoui was in custody months before september 11th, prosecution says he was supposed to be the pilot of another plane headed to the whitehouse. What could this mean? Well, the prosecution is definately reaching on this one… how deep in the plans could he be if he was in jail.

– Moussaoui wishes to use guantanamo prisoners as witnesses that can clear his name. According to US law, he can do that. However American law can be suspended if the judge decides it is a matter of national security.

– Moussaoui faces the death penalty, yet in order to get the death penalty the jury must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. How can there be no doubt in a case involving so much guessing, speculation, and missing evidence that has been declared top-secret?

All in all.. it’s fun to watch. One man who the government expected to burn at the stake, suddenly using that stake to defend himself. And of course it could all end in a sinch, if the Whitehouse decides the law doesn’t matter anymore… which it decides so often.