Today Donald Rumsfeld (yes.. again he’s the subject of this communique) threatened Belgium, Brussels, the EU and NATO. Angered by a Belgian law that says ANYONE in the WORLD can bring a case before the Belgian courts for having their human rights violated by war crimes and things related, Rumsfeld – in his usual senile “I don’t have time to think before I speak” style, said something to the effect of “If Belgium keeps this law on the books and American officials are charged with war crimes, then the United States will push for a removal of NATO from Brussels”. Only in his statement it was much more blunt. A few things to point out here… first and foremost.. what’s NATO do again? Weren’t they a cold war invention to counter the Soviets? Isn’t the cold war over? Why does this organization exist? Terrorism? Is that a good enough excuse?

Nevermind that.. it exists, and seemingly, will exist for quite some time. So the next item – why does Rumsfeld speak for the United States? Did he consult congress? Did he consult the American pulic, before blurting out such offensive and arrogant words? And why, if NATO has so many other members, why does the United States get to unilaterally decide to just move NATO because they get upset? Could it be that once again the Bush administration shows it’s true colors – Arrogrant, Ignorant Bullies, who really don’t care how much they damage the reputation of the US for future generations, since they’ll be retired or dead anyway.

And the other factor. Why can’t American leaders be charged with crimes? Are they incapable of crimes? Are they gods? Gods whom won’t be held accountable… to anyone.. in their own nation or globally. People who’s human rights.. the right to live.. have been violated by a war the United States or any nation carried out, those people should have a place to present their case, where those accused can defend themselves, and where the truth can finally be made clear. But alas, Donald Rumsfeld and his associates prove time and time again, they have no regard for such silly concepts as diplomacy, human rights, democracy, or accountability.